A truly Mexican breakfast experience!

Refried beans and huevos rancheros topped with Mexican crema and queso fresco and a side order of corn tortillas. 

How does it sound?

We love our breakfast menu.

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Served Every Saturday from 11:30am to 2P.M

and sunday 12pm to 2pm



Enchiladas- chicken wrapped corn tortillas, house made beans, avocado, mexican cream, queso fresco (soft cheese) covered with a delicious enchilada sauce. - 12.50

Huevos rancheros- fried eggs, queso fresco, house made beans, Avocado, and topped with an amazing rustic salsa ranchera.- 11.50

Eggs Benedict a la ranchera- we took a classic and gave it a twist! Poached eggs, on multigrain toast, Spinach, house made mexican Chorizo, and topped with a delicious chipotle hollanddaise sauce.- 12.50

Avocado Salad- Avocado, Cherry tomatoes, Queso fresco, Almond, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, all mixed with baby arugula and drizzled with black truffle  oil.- 12.50

Tostadas de huevos- Scrambled eggs mixed with Mexican chorizo, house made beans, mexican cream, baby arugula, tostadas. - 10.50

Mole omelette- House made chorizo, fried queso fresco, avocado, pico de gallo, Mexican cream, and poblano mole. - 12.75

Breakfast Tacos- scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, house made beans, avocado, toped with chipotle may coleslaw. 8.75

French toast con Nutella- Oven baked french toast filled with delicious Nutella served with seasonal fruits, and a side of ice cream. - 12.50

white wine poached pear and homemade granola- Delicious pear poached in white wine, on homemade granola, fresh fruits, and vanilla yogurt. - 12.50

Potatoe chicken salad- Fresh rotisserie chicken mixed with vegetables, poatoe, and chipotle mayo, served side salad drizzled with black truffle oil. - 10.50